Why Aquareveal?

Face Peel
"At Aquareveal™, we believe that gentle, effective and regular exfoliation is an essential part of maintaining healthy, youthful and radiant skin. Skin renewal slows down as we age and dead skin cells accumulate, contributing to various problems such as dullness, dryness, clogged pores, acne, creasing, and poor skin texture.

Whereas most exfoliators utilize harsh acids or scrubs, Aquareveal Water Peels are specially designed to exfoliate to the level that your skin needs, without damaging the skin's natural moisture barrier.

Our Water Peels have gone through extensive clinical testing to ensure that the products perform as we say they will. When you try them you will notice instantly improved skin, without the harshness of acid, scrub and enzyme exfoliators.
"The result is powerful exfoliation, that's as gentle as water."

Founder Letter

"Growing up in a Korean household, I always knew how important exfoliation was to maintaining your skin’s health. Koreans love exfoliation. In fact, Koreans don’t really feel truly clean unless they have scrubbed off all the dead skin they possibly can, everywhere on their body.

Exfoliating for Koreans begins at a young age. I have vivid memories of my grandmother scrubbing me down in the tub at every bath. As I got older, I noticed that Koreans are able to maintain younger looking skin well into their forties, fifties and sixties, and I strongly feel this is due in large part to regular, systemic exfoliation of the skin.

When you exfoliate your skin properly, you are letting the skin breathe free and allowing it to function at its optimal level. As the largest organ in our bodies, skin is meant to protect as well as release toxins from within us. Buildup from dead skin cells and cosmetic residue hinders the skin’s natural barrier and detoxification functions, leading to dullness, more wrinkles and clogged pores. But overexfoliating delicate skin also compromises the skin’s natural moisture barrier, causing the skin to dry out faster.

As with any beauty brand, Aquareveal began as a labor of love. Love of something that I felt would truly change the way we exfoliate our skin… for the better. Because Aquareveal combines the benefits of exfoliation without the harshness and abrasiveness, it’s something I wanted to share with every woman, and every person, out there who wants healthier skin.

We are delighted that you’ve joined us on our quest for more beautiful and healthy skin. Please check back to our site regularly for updates and news. We look forward to seeing you again soon!
Reveal Your Best Skin,