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5 Tried and True Winter Hacks

Woman and hand skin for winter tips

Winter weather is coming for us and our skin is about to get a major turnaround as we experience weather dipping below freezing. Since we won't be going on a Caribbean cruise the whole winter time (although we all do want to be lying and enjoying warm beaches), we should especially be mindful of our skin's condition throughout the cold season. 

The winter season means we're constantly being dragged down by 50 mph winds and then having our skin being blasted by the heater turned on to max everywhere we go. These up and downs in the cold, then in the heat, then in the cold, etc. can easily wear down our skin and eventually be the reason behind heightened skin sensitivity and extreme dryness. Once our skin barriers reach a level that it's too dry from the winds, that's when our skin start to feel itchy, flaky, and irritated. 

To help you survive, we've prepare some tips to help you easily implement into your winter skincare routine! 

Here is our winter skincare tips guide 101:

1. Regular exfoliation

In colder months, humidity levels drastically drop. As the air and environment around us loses water, our skin cells die faster as they become dehydrated much quicker. This means our skin's natural  capacity to break down dead skin cells can't keep up as much with rapidly dying cells. The best remedy to prevent skin from looking drab and dull like our minds when it's raining and snowing all day, is  regular exfoliation. Using a gentle exfoliator like the Aquareveal Satin Bright Soft Water Peel will do wonders for winter skin as it is gentle and provides just the right amount of exfoliation without any irritation. However, the important thing to remember is, is that you have to apply a more than usual thicker layers of moisturizer or cream to keep skin hydrated underneath. 

Additionally, your body might also experience the same dehydration and flakiness in the rougher areas including hands, feet and elbows. In this case, a super effective and gentle body peel like the Aquareveal Gentle Action Water Peel will combat the body area which may feel tight even after applying lotion during the winter. After, make sure to wash off with a nice, warm bath to help good blood circulation and apply ample lotion to keep your body smooth and hydrated like your face. Massaging your body daily might even make skin look extra bright and glowy. 

2. Make your face cleansing/bath routines shorter

It's good to shorten the time taken into cleansing your face and body. Since we'll be showering with hotter water than cold, we don't want to de-hydrate our face even more with long, hot baths. It might even make your skin drier and susceptible to irritation if you choose to use hot water for long periods of time. Try to use warm instead of hot water and keep your showers and baths to the bare minimum. Again, make sure to follow up with enough moisturizer and lotion for both face and body. 

3. Use a humidifier

Humidifiers are our best friends during the drier, winter months. Have one at home, put one in your office, heck, carry a small one in your car. Humidifiers release steam to make the air around you more hydrated. Having one around you, allows your skin to lock in that needed moisture. If you don't want to invest in one, you can easily also carry around and use face mists or hang up wet towels at home to keep the air around you moisturized. 

4. Drink lots of water

Drinking water is the cure-all for everything. Consuming enough water really does make a difference to your body and consequently, affects your skin, in good ways. It's good to drink 8 cups of water and even more if you are active or exercise throughout the day.

Some things to avoid that might be negatively affecting your skin are caffeinated drinks - meaning black tea, coffee and alcohol. Although we always need our fair share of coffee, it is a diuretic that sucks out the moisture from your body. So instead of grabbing for another cup of coffee or black tea, try drinking lots of water or even green tea as healthier alternatives, where this tip really applies all-year long. 

5. Make sure to keep skin balanced

Like we mentioned before, it's easy to compromise your skin barriers during the wintertime. It actually takes effort, care and patience when bringing your skin back to a healthy state. That's why exfoliating properly is a good start because you'll be reducing the amount of sebum and dirt buildup clogging your pores that currently aren't getting the proper cleanse and exfoliation. To do this, oilier skin types should try less oily, but more moisture-full products and drier skin types should try to find a moisturizer that has a 50//50 balance of oil and hydrating elements. The best tip is to apply face masks regularly where their ingredients and moisturizing components can easily penetrate your pores and keep your face wet daily. 

So now that we've shared our easy but important tips, let's continue to be consistent and bask in glowing skin, even during the cold winter months! Let us know what your tried and true tips are to keep your skin hydrated as we would love to hear your thoughts!



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