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How to deal with MASKNE (Mask+Acne)

How to deal with MASKNE (Mask+Acne)

We’ve all been there by now; we’ve walked out of our car about to walk into the store only to be greeted by a sign that reminds us. “No Mask, No Entry”. 

Of course, wearing a mask is necessary to avoid the spread of Coronavirus and yes, we should all be wearing one.  But it’s hard to wear a heavy bandana or cloth mask that actually seems like it would work to keep viruses at bay.  And during hot, humid summer months, it can feel sweaty and uncomfortable to wear a mask all day.  

In fact, during the summer, you might be experiencing a new syndrome - MASKNE (Mask+Acne). 

Breakouts caused by the heat and irritation of wearing masks have become so prevalent that the term “Maskne” has even been added to Urban Dictionary. Masks trap all of the oil, dirt, and sweat close to our skin, often resulting in acne, irritation, and contact dermatitis from the friction. Because the masks are annoying and don’t always fit right, we often touch our face with our hands to adjust the mask, thereby moving the mask and leaving the bacteria from our hands on our pores. 

So what can we do?

To avoid these kinds of issues, we want to make sure that we use a gentle but effective cleanser on your face (like ourFace Republic Gold Cleanser) and keep it clean! In summer it’s even more important to exfoliate the dead skin and keep your face fresh.  Obviously, we recommend theAquareveal Face Peelbecause it exfoliates gently with the added benefit of beingantibacterial - perfect for reducing bacteria and viruses on the face.

Equally importantly, is the type of mask you are wearing!  N95 masks, although being the most reliable mask that healthcare workers should wear at work, are hard to find and expensive now, and also tighter and more uncomfortable for regular people to wear all day.  On the other hand, cloth masks are less effective at filtering viruses and can hold natural oil leading to even more acne. In addition, these masks are less effective as they often leave gaps and cannot prevent small particles of bacteria from entering. Choose a lightweight, breathable and comfortable mask with proven filtration efficacy like ourSaya Face Masks from Japan.

So how do we stay safe and keep our skin glowing and clear all summer long?

  1. Be sure to wear the right mask.  Find one that is comfortable, lightweight and proven to filter viruses and bacteria effectively.  The Saya Face Mask meets all these requirements and you will feel comfortable all day long while staying safe and keeping your face clean.
  2. Prevent acne by changing your mask frequently (our masks come in a pack of 50).  
  3. Thoroughly wash your face daily with an effective but gentle cleanser like the Face Republic Gold Cleanser.  Follow with an antibacterial exfoliator like theAquareveal Satin Bright Soft Water Peel for Face.
  4. Take general health precautions and maintain social distancing! It’s always a good idea to take immune system vitamins like vitamin C to help fight off infections and diseases. 

Stay happy and healthy this summer! 

The Aquareveal Team 

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